Receive various special offers with the AZINN Membership Card, “AZ CLUB”.


AZ Club
Green Card

Membership Fee
Annual Fee


AZ Club
Gold Card

Membership Fee
Annual Fee
Special rate

More convenient with special offers!

4 special benefits of the AZ Club Card AZ

Benefit 1

Various offers in exchange with points


Discount coupon
For ¥500


Free VOD viewing
Viewing for 1 night


QUO Card
For ¥1,000


QUO Card
For ¥2,000


Cash refund
Free 1 night stay coupon for 1 person
Single room
*Single room A for AZ INN OBU


Cash refund
Free 1 night stay coupon for 1 person
Twin room for 1 person
Please contact the hotels for further information.

Benefit 2

Bonus point

500 bonus points will be offered after using points for benefit 1!

For example If 1,000P are exchanged for a free discount coupon.

1,000P→0P because 1,000P has been used.
Bonus points are added, therefore 0P→500P.
You will have 500P to begin with from next time.

Benefit 3

Speedy reservation

Only the following information is required when making a reservation.

1) Name (full name)
2) Card color (green or gold)

Reservations can be made quickly without having to provide your telephone number of name of company.


Further discount with the Gold Card!

Gold Card benefit
Get a discount rate at all AZINN hotels.

AZ Club Membership Agreement

1.Name of Membership
The name of the club is “AZ”.
2.Membership application procedure
Please fill out the membership application form. Guests must be above the age of 18 to become a member. Please inform the front desk if there are any changes with the provided information in the form.
3.Issuance of card
A point card will be issued to members. Points will be added per night stayed, and members can receive special offers with the card. Please display the point card when staying at the hotel. Points will not be added if it is not displayed.
4.Membership cancellation procedure
Please inform the front desk. At this time, membership fee or points cannot be refunded. We kindly ask for your understanding.
5.Term of validity
There is no term of validity. However, a renewal procedure will be requested if the card has not been used for more than 2 years. In this case, membership points cannot be refunded. We kindly ask for your understanding.
6.Termination of membership
Membership will be terminated if hotel fees are not paid, or if terms of accommodation are ignored and order in the hotel has been seriously disturbed. At this time, membership fee or points will not be refunded. We kindly ask for your understanding.
7.Miscellaneous regulations
Regarding the membership agreement, there may be changes with offered benefits due to operational circumstances. We kindly ask for your understanding.