Guidance of Facility

Guidance of Facility


Large public bath for men and women separately

男女別大浴場1 男女別大浴場2 男女別大浴場3 男女別大浴場4 男女別大浴場5 男女別大浴場6

A spacious and relaxing, large public bath.

The greatest feature of our business hotel is the spacious and relaxing, large public bath.
Take a moment to repose during business trips/ travels at the large public bath of our hotel.
A free massage chair is also available in the changing room.
The bath was made in order to meet the wishes of our guests who wished to relax in a spacious bath after working.


Regarding wireless/ wired LAN in the building

Wireless LAN/ wired LAN available in all areas of the building.

  • ・All areas of the building available with wireless LAN access
  • ・All guest rooms equipped with wired LAN cable access
Please contact the front desk should you have any questions with its use.


About the conference room

会議室1 会議室2

The conference room has 43 seats, making it also suitable for holding seminars.

Conference room (full space)
18 desks
43 chairs
1 whiteboard
¥2,000/ hour
*Half price charge for staying guests.
Conference room (half space)
10 desks
20 chairs
1 whiteboard
¥1,400/ hour
*Half price charge for staying guests.
Available hours
9:00-21:00 *Please inquire regarding use during times other than the abovementioned.
Eating and drinking
Please do not bring food or drinks into the room.
Please collect and bring any trash to the front desk.
  • ・Please refrain from any acts that may disturb other guests such as using musical instruments/ speaking in loud voices.
  • ・We may ask guests to leave the room if unable to comply with these requests.
  • ・Please bring coats/ umbrellas/ valuables and other items directly to the conference room.
  • ・We cannot be held liable for any lost items etc. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Conference room diagram


Restaurant “Shokubo Kusakabe”

A buffet style breakfast with a wide variety of menus.
Free breakfast section


Our free breakfast service at AZ INN FUKUI is also popular among guests staying for business trips. Guests are free to eat as much as they please from our buffet style breakfast. Based on comments received from our guests, the quality and quantity of our menus continue to rise, and now we have over 75 dishes. We hope you enjoy our breakfast at AZ INN FUKUI.

Lunch/ Dinner

The restaurant is also open for lunch/ dinner.

Open hours
Breakfast 6:30 A.M.-9:30 A.M.
Lunch 11:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M.
Dinner 6:00 P.M.-9:00 P.M. (last order 8:30 P.M.)
Closed days Irregularly closed


About the building facilities

館内1 館内2 館内3 館内5 館内6
11F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.2101-2115
10F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.2001-2019
9F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1901-1919
8F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1801-1819
Coin operated laundry Launderrette
Vending machine Vending Machine
7F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1701-1719
6F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1601-1619
5F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1501-1519
4F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1401-1419
Vending machine Vending Machine
Ice-maker Ice Dispenser
Conference Room Meeting Room
3F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1301-1319
Women’s bath Large Bath for Women
2F Guest rooms GuestRoom No.1201-1219
Men’s bath Large Bath for Men
1F Lobby Lobby
Front desk Front Desk
Restaurant Restaurant “Shokubo Kusakabe” Restaurant


Regarding payment fees

Our hotel charges accommodation fees in advance. We kindly ask guests to pay by cash or with credit card at the time of checking in.

Accepted credit cards
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • JCB
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • 三菱UFJニコス
  • Cedyna
  • UCS
  • 銀聯
Accepted e-money
  • iD
  • 楽天Edy
  • WAON
  • nanaco
  • WeChat Pay
  • LINEPay
  • Paypay
  • d払い
  • auPay
  • メルペイ
  • J-CoinPay
Accepted prepaid transportation cards
  • Kitaca
  • Suica
  • Tolca
  • manaca
  • nimoca
Accepted debit card
  • Jデビッド